Friday, 24 June 2016

Superior Quadcopters of 2016: copters just under $$$hundred$$$.

We talk about tiny and micro-sized copters (generally thee have the size of open hand, including the size of propellers).

1. Hubsan X4 H107L - this is an updated version of the most popular micro- beginners should purchase the option prop guard.

Banggood links - on our site both worldwide shipping and US shipping are available).

2. Dromida Verso - built in propeller guards. It has good reputation.

It’s mini-sized - about 10 square inches. And lightweight.

3. Syma X5. It’s inexpensive and very reliable. It also has good parts and knowledge availability (and it has lots of owners!). The model of a copter with an X5C designation also includes a light camera.

So, Syma X5 has recently introduced the X 11 - which is sized right in-between a micro-sized and mini-sized. We did some short review on it and really enjoyed using it. It’a like WOOOW!

So we feel comfortable suggesting it for both first and second size quadcopters.

4. WL Toys v959 (new one). This is a classic quad intensively updated with much better stabilization system. It comes with a lightweight camera. It can take video (or stills). New to quad pilots can easily remove this camera (until they will become comfortable with flying this model).

5. Dromida Ominus is another advanced quad-toy. It has very good reviews! The model is very similar to the WL Toys v636 but perhaps even better in its overall quality.

6. Syma X8C Venture copter.

This is a larger "toy" unit. It has become rather popular due to its larger payload capability and reliability. It also comes with a camera (poor quality camera). But it’s still very good for initial learning. The camera can be simply removed (and then replaced with some camera of much higher quality; for example with the RunCam or Mobius). This allows taking good aerial photos for about $150 of overall cost.

So, The larger size means this is an outdoor-only machine.

Notification. Above mentioned quads use simple cheap "brushed" MOTORS WHICH WILL NEED A REPLACEMENT (AFTER A 2-3 HOURS OF FLIGHT). Keep in mind that a couple hours of flight means 15-30 (or even more) overall flights as each flight is approximately 8-10 minutes.

So, find some quadcopter for pleasure.

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